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      I.         Background Check:

Your appointment is contingent upon satisfactory reference & background checks including verification of your application materials, education and employment history. Your employment is also contingent upon your ability to work for the Company without restriction (i.e. you do not have any non-compete obligations or other restrictive clauses with any previous employer.

     II.         Dress code:

Dress is an integral aspect of an individual’ s personality and is considerably Influenced by Context and occasion.

All employees are required to be dressed in formal attire. Below will be considered as Inappropriate Dressing

* Slippers (Hawaii) /Casual home wear slippers / Floaters/ Flip flops

* Clothes that are inappropriate/ revealing

* Worn Out Jeans / Sandblasted Jeans / Jeans with Flashy Patterns / Patches

* Wrap-Around Skirts / Gathered Skirts

* Track pants

* Bright and flowery T-shirts with casual images/ motifs

* T-Shirts Without Collar / Roundneck T-Shirts with Casual Images /Kurta-Pjyama

   III.         Attendance & Termination:

Office working Hours are mentioned in your offer letter, any late coming to office is not welcomed. However, 2 Days late (not more than 10 minutes) in a month will be acceptable.

The company had decided to deduct one-day salary of the employees who come late to office for more than 3 days in a month.

For 4th and 5th late markings, two-days salary shall be deducted. For every next late marking half day salary shall be deducted.

If you are absent for a continuous period of 5 days without leave or without obtaining Management’s approval, you will be deemed to have voluntarily terminated from your service without notice.

    IV.                           Probation Period:

You will be on probation, until your successful completion of the probationary period is confirmed in writing. The probation period is [1] year and may be extended at your manager’s/Management’s discretion. At any time during this period, if you wish to leave then you can do that by giving 30 days’ notice or salary in lieu thereof. As per the discretion of the Manager/Management, you can be transferred to different role/location during Probation period and thereafter as well. 

    V.         Leave:

You will be allowed to take leave on National Holidays and also any other Holidays as are declared by Management.

If you wish to take leave on any working day, then proper approval needs to be taken by the Management at least 3 days in-advance. Any leave without approval of Management will be considered as absent.

   VI.         Appraisal:

You will be entitled for the Yearly appraisal from your date of employment. Your appraisal will be sole discretion of Management.

 VII.         Notice Period:

Company has the right to terminate your employment, if you are found not adhering to the Company’s guidelines or your performance is not acceptable to your reporting Manager/Management.

If you wish to leave the company, then this contract of employment is terminable, without reasons, by giving one-month notice or salary in lieu thereof during probationary period and thereafter. Ideovate Core (Yo Poppins Playschool & Daycare) reserves the right to recover salary in lieu of notice period. Further, the Company may at its discretion relieve you from such date as it may fit even prior to the expiry of the notice period.

VIII.         Retirement:

You will retire from the services of the Company on attaining the age of superannuation [58 years].

   IX.         Company Asset Handover:

Upon your resignation or retirement from the Company or termination of your services, you are required to return all assets and property of the Company such as documents, SIM, Mobile Phone, ID card, machines, data files and books etc. In-case you did not handover the company asset then legal action will be taken. Company will not issue leaving letter till you have submitted all the company asset and has the right to hold your full and final settlement.

      X.            NO HIRE CLAUSE:


Non-Solicitation of Employees. During the term of your employment with YoP and for a period of 12 Months following the termination of your employment for any reason, you agree not to directly or indirectly solicit, recruit, hire, or attempt to solicit, recruit, or hire any employee or contractor of any YoP Clients/Tie-up for employment with any other entity or business enterprise, whether as an employee, consultant, or in any other capacity.